Wear Gloves!! - Life as a Vascular Ultrasound Student
Wearing gloves is important when performing any type of vascular ultrasound exams. Yesterday evening, I had some sort of blister on my left index finger and it was irritating me. I figured it was a bug bite or something along those lines, I put some corticoid cream which helped relieve the irritation and within an hour it had disappeared.  
I found this interesting article that I wanted to share on why we should wear gloves ALL the time. Wearing gloves is a must when coming in any kind of contact with patients. As vascular sonographers we must be aware of this..

11/18/2011 22:02:48

Yes...I wear gloves to protect my soft, gentle, beautiful hands.

11/30/2011 11:44:51

Whoa! Looks like I'll be wearing gloves everywhere I go now. Keep the posts coming Michelle! Great job

Michelle Garcia
12/1/2011 10:20:47

Thanks guys! I will update my blog weekly (for the most part) so keep checking it periodically :)
Let me know if you have any questions!

3/22/2012 07:52:05

will return soon


Thank you for information

7/10/2012 02:27:22

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9/24/2012 09:17:06

good post

9/28/2012 06:01:29

will come back soon


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