Today was quite interesting for a Monday, I learned two new words in Hindi. "Guru" means one who has great knowledge and "Nath" means head of the family or the "best" of the best. It is ultimately rewarding being in the field of medicine, not only do you diagnose numerous conditions and help doctors to determine a treatment for the patient, providing one-on-one care, but you can also learn about new cultures and languages. Along with the typical rush and constantly seeing patients I did perform my first carotid study, well only the right side, which took me only 10 minutes. Of course I had some help because I am not too familiar with the machine yet, and my mentor did the left side. One day I will be faster than him if only....
P.S. Check out the video below!
9/13/2011 11:30:41

Hi Michelle,

I'm so excited for you and love to hear about your experience! I looked into this field a few years ago and found it very interesting. It's kind of like being a videographer of the body from the inside. :) I think that's why I was drawn to this field because you can make such a big difference by getting this type of inside look at what's going on. It's non-invasive and you get valuable information.

When you do a vascular sonogram are you using the same type of machine used for doing ultrasounds on expectant mothers?

9/14/2011 07:00:13

Hi Patty,
It is very rewarding to be in this field. Yes, we do use the same machine, the transducers is what is different depending on where on the body you are looking at. As for expectant mothers the type of transducer used would be curved array. Are you expecting?? ;)

10/27/2011 09:34:44

Great work Michelle!

Keep up the great work, enjoy your blogs!


THX for info


Great info, thx

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Many thanks for information

5/31/2012 08:42:52

good post

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nice post


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