Happy New Year!! - Life as a Vascular Ultrasound Student
Happy New Year everyone! I want to congratulate Manny Gracia for passing his Boards. Manny is a recent graduate from Chicago and was the blogger for the 2011 SVU Annual Conference in Chicago. He inspired me to create this blog. Best of luck in your future Manny!
I cannot believe it is January already, where does the time go??  Soon, I will start performing renal artery exams in my lab and although they are the toughest, I am still looking forward to it. The renal arteries can be challenging, but that makes it more intriguing for me. Time for some hot coco I am brutally cold! Why does Jersey have to be like Siberia!?
1/5/2012 18:57:57

Thanks for the shout out dude! You rock! New Orleans looked awesome.

And Happy New Year's to you too. :)

1/14/2012 00:10:38

Great pics Michelle! I need to get back to that city one of these days! Good luck as you learn more and more about your profession! I know you'll do great


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    I want to reach out to all students and any individual who is interested in the vascular ultrasound field.  Contributing my opinion and experience as a student I can bring awareness so existing or perspective students can benefit from what I have learned. Having the opportunity to voice my experience as a student may help improve challenges that many students go through while becoming a vascular sonographer. Becoming an expert in my field is my passion.


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