One thing about this profession is you must be aware of your posture, having the proper ergonomics is crucial when performing the different types of studies. Unfortunately, I am only 5 foot 2 and most of my patients will be bigger than me considering I am the size of a walnut. When performing bilateral exams, I tend to use my right hand since I am right-handed. I make sure I adjust the bed properly and I always tell my patients to move more towards me so I avoid from reaching over too far over the patient. This also avoids extreme flexion or deviation of my hand, awkward posture, or discomfort. The last thing I want to develop from my job is back pain or carpel tunnel syndrome. Off to watch Rachel Zoe, my inspiration for new wardrobe. “Style is Personal but Taste Isn’t" - The Rachel Zoe Team

After a month living here, I have discovered some great coffee houses. My favorite is Chez Alice Cafe & Bakery, along with Small World Cafe and The Bent Spoon. I like to enjoy my hot chocolate with my Mac in front of me as I type away. I have come to realized that in coffee shops you will come across some very interesting people. Although my Mac always keeps me occupied I try not to send off "I'm busy" vibes because I enjoy meeting new people that can share an experience that I have yet to encounter. When I stumble upon someone for the very first time, I tend to look at their hands. I believe hands tell all. Observe the fingers of someone's hand perhaps they can tell you something that you may want to know....


    I want to reach out to all students and any individual who is interested in the vascular ultrasound field.  Contributing my opinion and experience as a student I can bring awareness so existing or perspective students can benefit from what I have learned. Having the opportunity to voice my experience as a student may help improve challenges that many students go through while becoming a vascular sonographer. Becoming an expert in my field is my passion.


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