7 Days until New Orleans :) - Life as a Vascular Ultrasound Student
I cannot believe it is December already, I have been in my externship for over 3 months now. A week from now I will be in New Orleans for the SVU Board of Directors Meeting. It will be my first time traveling to the beautiful city of NOLA and I'm very eager to attend the meeting and see everyone again. I have not seen them since June when the Annual Conference in Chicago took place! NOLA is famous for its festivals such as Mardi Gras and of course the Sazerac cocktail that I will be indulging upon arrival! I will be roaming through Bourbon, Magazine, and Frenchmen St. to discover the nightlife NOLA has to offer, perhaps I might need to pack a hangover remedy....tomato juice and tabasco?? BYE JERSEY

Travel season is starting time to get out the suitcases and start packing...

New Orleans here I come!
12/1/2011 11:56:05

I have a friend who lives in New Orleans and you should have a very nice time. I hope you don't have too much fun and ditch the conference.

12/2/2011 05:38:18

Check out the haunted bars!

12/4/2011 10:56:49

You'll have a blast. It's a beautiful city!! Don't go roaming the streets alone around there though, have fun :)

12/10/2011 02:29:05

What happens on Frenchmen St. stays on Frenchmen St.....so I hear. :)

Michelle Garcia
12/13/2011 09:29:12

Manny it was an amazing time...especially Frenchmen St :) I better see you at the AC in June!

3/22/2012 04:30:37

Great info, thanks

6/22/2012 16:54:30

Was browsing Google and found your site, enjoyed the reading, thanks


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